Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Care in Tampa, FL and Surrounding Areas

You are not alone. We can help care for your loved one at home, giving you the support you need.

As per the Alzheimer's Association, somebody in the U.S. builds up Alzheimer's each 67 seconds–and that rate is on the ascent. In the mean time, the duty of tending to this developing number of defenseless seniors regularly defaults to relatives. In any case, who can bolster the family guardian amid these troublesome circumstances? Comfort Keepers® Tampa can help with dementia mind. .

What Does a Dementia Diagnosis Mean for the Patient and the Caregiver? 

Alzheimer's sickness, the most widely recognized kind of dementia, records for the greater part of all dementia cases. At its onset, it might show up as minor as memory misfortune or the powerlessness to oversee once-well-known undertakings. After some time, be that as it may, dementia may make a man pull back from social exercises, constraining a man's capacity to stay free. As the care trouble expands, family guardians may discover they require a break to energize. Ponders have found that just about 60 percent of Alzheimer's and dementia parental figures report high or abnormal amounts of passionate anxiety, and 40 percent confess to agony from discouragement.

Four Ways Comfort Keepers Tampa Can Provide Support 

Going up against the part of parental figure can be a test. While you need to give your adored one the help expected to live freely at home for whatever length of time that conceivable, you additionally need to juggle your own particular work and family commitments. Finding an opportunity to do it in solitude is troublesome. A year ago, for instance, family parental figures volunteered almost 18 billion hours of help watching over friends and family with Alzheimer's illness and different types of dementia. 

For families battling with the requests of care giving in the Tampa, Florida region, Comfort Keepers offers steady administrations to facilitate the weight. Our guardians, or Comfort Keepers®, get preparing particular to the requirements of grown-ups experiencing Alzheimer's malady and different types of dementia. We can give help with the accompanying ways: 


  • Help you comprehend the movement of the malady and how your cherished one's conduct may change after some time;
  • Survey your cherished one's home condition to distinguish potential well being contemplations, for example, trip risks;
  • Connect with your cherished one in important mental and physical exercises intended to fortify the memory and decrease nervousness and crabbiness regular among Alzheimer's sufferers; and
  • Give empathetic, in-home administer to your adored one, permitting you to invest significant energy to deal with different duties, or simply unwind and recover.

Thus, you're ready to invest less energy agonizing over the subtle elements of care so you can concentrate on what makes a difference most–spending quality time with your cherished one. 

On the off chance that you will probably help your adored one with dementia remain in the natural surroundings of home, Comfort Keepers Tampa is prepared to outline a care plan to meet your cherished's one of a kind needs. Utilizing our Interactive Care giving™ framework, a Comfort Keeper sets aside opportunity to become more acquainted with your cherished one and draw in him or her in pleasurable exercises, for example, thinking back over photographs or getting a charge out of a stroll in the recreation center. A Comfort Keeper can likewise help your cherished one in dementia mind with individual care needs or family unit tasks. Rest guaranteed, we will work with you and your cherished one to build up a care plan that fits your circumstance. 

Discover how we can bolster you and your adored one today with dementia mind. Email us or call (352) 221-9244 to mastermind a counsel with Comfort Keepers Tampa.

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What is Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Care?

In general, dementia is a decline in mental ability, such as memory loss or an inability to complete familiar tasks, serious enough to interfere with a person’s daily life. Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia, accounting for 50 to 80 percent of dementia cases. Our services help people with these symptoms by focusing on their remaining abilities and strengths, while assisting with tasks that have become difficult for the client to perform.

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How Comfort Keepers Can Help

Our specially trained dementia-care Comfort Keepers® will

  • help maintain a safe environment for the client.
  • engage the client in activities that can stimulate the senses, such as music.
  • provide meals and bathing assistance.
  • support the client and family through the changing behaviors often seen with dementia.

We customize our in-home care to meet each client’s special needs, taking into consideration his or her health and ability. Depending on the client’s needs, Comfort Keepers can provide care for just a few hours a week or provide full-time, in-home care. Through our 24-hour senior care service, a team of Comfort Keepers coordinates caregiving responsibilities in shifts. This offers clients and their families’ full-time peace of mind.


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